Where do I see Pressed going? Anchored in the ideas of Pressed being an affordable, accessible, and for everyone brand—I see Pressed becoming an active, and personable brand that’s as colorful as its juices.

Looking around

Oatly for language + copy.
RXBAR for allowing the ingredients to sell.
Sprinkles for a somewhat “elevated” product that is still accessible, and for everyone. The cupcakes do the selling.

So with Pressed

Sell what Pressed is—wholesome, quality, and fresh.

Copy + Language

Speaking to Pressed being an accessible, affordable, and for everyone brand—introduce new playful, friendly, and personable language.

Initial Simplicities

Minimal type creates intrigue, were part of my initial ideas. Maybe too minimal, but could be used as part of larger campaign.

Sell what the juice is

Deconstruct what the juices are, again building intrigue by the lack of tpye, noise, etc. Present the wholesome ingredients.

Active Crops



Because billboards still sell.

Instagram Story

Ideally on the last screen there would be a “Swipe Up” feature, but you have to have 10,000+ followers, which I do not have.