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My name is Jett—like an airplane, but with two T’s. I’m a visual designer currently in Seattle. We left Seattle for a bit, but it’s funny how much you’ll miss this place once you leave. In my opinion, there’s no better place in the USA than the Pacific Northwest. It’s so dreamy, and the rain isn’t as bad as advertised. As a human, I’m inspired by change. I’ll reference my astrological sign here, but as a Sagittarius I’m a bit of a spontaneous yet organized being. I thrive on big and small happenings and get bored rather easily. I love to collaborate, but I do enjoy some quality alone time. Along with change, I value curiosity. Growing up, my parents read me Curious George. George got themself in some deep shit by being curious, but honestly, that deep shit is what makes life ~exciting~.

I find inspiration in a lot of things, and a lot of people (see list below), but there’s a particular ice cream queen who I resonate with most. Her name is Jeni Britton Bauer. You may know her as the Jeni behind THE Jeni’s ice cream chain. She’s the OG Molly Moon, and she was Salt & Straw before Salt & Straw. I’ve yet to have a product as quality as her’s here in Seattle. Jeni is my number one girly for a number of reasons, but it boils down to her passion, love, and humanity. It may be silly to you, but she inspires me more than one can imagine. Anyhow, when at home I enjoy watching flight reviews, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/New York. I also enjoy browsing airliners.net (literally just airplane pics and accompanying airline forum lol) to keep up with the latest aviation industry news. I really like airplanes,  and in my opinion, they are a beautiful hybrid of art + design.

Please say hi! I can tell you why I love Jeni, or show you my two dogs. We can talk about things I like to design, or what my life goal is.

things that inspire me:

this list changes frequently, so check back often if you care to stay in my loop.

This commercial by SAS (i love when you can feel the human aspect, like wow you got me. sell me a product, but make me FEEL something please. give me a reason to travel with you—show me that you’re just as much a human as i am. also, sas overall is just very attractive. their , the organic materials used in the . ugh. blows me away.) 

Also, this SAS commercial caused a bit of controversy but I still really enjoyed the production and emotion. I think that’s what is important to me in design, remembering that design is a vessel for emotion.

Sarah Klang (, she replied to my instagram comment AND said she’d sponser me, love her. her music makes me feel so warm, nothin’ gonna hurt me while i’m listening to her. highly suggest you listen to sweden’s saddest, most authentic gal ASAP if you haven’t—your ears will literally sparkle. also, watch this older video of Sarah singing in Göteborg. she is magic. that video is magic. ugh. her mind!!!!) She also has a new song called Canyon, and let me just say it is a certified BOP! 

ROSALÍA, that is all. Visually, sonically, in every way, she is what I want my art to be. El Mal Querer managed to condense, refine, and distinguish the sounds of Spain past and present in a way I did not know was possible. Next to Norman Fucking Rockwell, this is an album I will keep until I die. In my opinion, the album didn’t define her as a baddie, but it somehow catapulted her into the latin pop world and made her a baddie like none other. Icon.

Allie X (she is part goddess, part artist, and part icon. i do not understand why she is not the next big thing already, she is truly an amazing artist—truly embodies a hybrid of music/art/culture/icon status. she knows how to make a bop, or 12 and she knows how to use her voice better than 80% of the people in the industry. go listen to her latest release Cape God right now. If you just want a taste you can listen to Learning in Public. Or if you’re interested in hearing the BOP of the century play Girl of the Year. love this queen so much, ugh.)

I’m not going to have a list of icons and not mention Lana del Rey. Love her or hate her, her impact is undeniable. She has stayed true to herself through it all. Remember that SNL performance? Some would say tragic, but I’d say iconic. Anyhow, the public tried to destroy her after that. But LDR wasn’t having it. Fast-forward to today, and her 2019 release Norman Fucking Rockwell will go down as one of the best albums of my lifetime. I aspire to be as tragic, and as resilient as Miss LDR. Icon. We can agree to disagree—that’s fine. But please, no slander. I don’t have time for that. xoxo Lana was my first Hollywood Bowl concert, and that was truly magical. Goddess.

Hannah Cohen. While listening to her 2019 release, Welcome Home, you quickly realize that you found sonic gold. There are no skips, there are no flats, there is just beauty and pleasure over and over again. My ears can’t thank her enough. 

ionnalee (and iamamiwhoami, her solo work is unique, and a departure from her previous work with iamamiwhoami. her creativity, authenticity, and individuality WOWs me.)

Miya Folick (literally don’t know what to say besides go listen. miya makes both bops and emotional melodies, a true talent imo. i first heard Miya while sitting at Johan & Nyström on Swedenborgsgatan in Stockholm (our favorite coffee in Stockholm probably, also discovered oat milk here however many years ago), and I will never forget that exact moment. for me, songs usually always carry a moment with them. makes me kinda sad. i wanna go back in time sometimes.) 

Kacey Musgraves (golden hour did THAT, and still does it.) Also, this latin crossover is 10/10.

Robyn ( are certified BOPS in my book. Also, Monument. love how she just does whatever she wants. i wanna do whatever i want.)

Ok, after this point it’s a lot of airplane/airline stuff so you may lose interest!!! But you may not. Idk. Idc. 

Air Inuit (just at that livery. for such a small airline, their branding really puts them on the map. they have a custom typeface for BOTH of latin and inuit characters, iconic!! they made orange beautiful again, with subtle accents throughout their + , they truly made some magic happen.) 

Air Greenland (i’ve never seen something so work so well, but of course that’s just my opinion. don’t know what firm did the branding, but look at that lockup. i find it very attractive, and at that beautiful contrast in the snow. 10 out of 10, you go Air Greenland.)

Finnair <3 (they are so cute. always cute. cute cute cute cUTE!!!! also, talk about authentic design. they stay true to their nordic roots, and are proud of them. look at their onboard product, and customer experience. truly a world-class airline deserving of all the attention they get.)

This Icelandair 737 MAX video (really gets me going at the 50 second mark forward ~emotional~ look at that plane, look at that scenery, those SOUNDS. it all works so well together. almost bought tickets to iceland on a whim the first time i saw this video, but like with what money idk? anyhow, icelandair just keeps on going, and never looks back. INSPIRING!!)