A type specimen inspired by Frutiger’s initial role as the typeface of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, enhanced with the unique effects of Riso printing.

Paying attention to Frutiger’s past, I chose to create a roster of airlines serving CDG. In addition to having to use Frutiger, we were tasked with incorporating a “special” aspect of typography—mine being the term “superscript.” Within the roster, you will see superscript showing airline’s associated terminals, amongst other places.

The blue was a neutral color that provided easy legibility, and the bold pink was used to draw attention to important information, also providing an opportunity to see the unique effects of riso printing. The white circles throughout act as hole punches on the final, a nod to old boarding passes being ripped, torn, or punched prior to boarding.
Project Type:
Print, 10 x 16 in.

3 weeks, Autumn 2017