Redbox is an American company specializing in movie + game rentals via automated retail kiosks located at convenience stores, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, mass retailers, and pharmacies. Redbox had recently introduced their own, new identity departing from their exclusive use of their signature red, and instead introducing a new gradient. You can see their “new” logotype here.

With this quick, two week project I was asked to give them an improved logo. I decided to return to a signature red, and give their logo a fun, friendly, yet bold presence.
Project Type:

3 weeks, Winter 2018

Advised by:
Steve Watson, of Turnstyle

Alternate stacked logotype
Taken quite literally, the logotype can be presented both as a red box, and horizontally allowing for more uses. Nestled inside the R is a “play” symbol, because, well we’ve all pushed play at some point.